About us

About us

Based in Tamworth in the West Midlands, SBHR Solutions is a specialist HR consultant offering support and advice to small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK. Our friendly, qualified team of Human Resource and HR experts really get to know your business, how you work and the individual challenges you face. And because we are a small business too, we understand the pressures you are under.

When we ask small business owners “what causes you the most headaches..?” – the answer is almost always “staff”!

Running a small business involves taking on a number of roles. Sales, customer service, finance and human resources – they all arrive on your desk. And let’s be honest, HR can be stressful and frustrating, and the legal implications if you get things wrong can be severe. It’s no wonder most people would rather avoid it.

Whether you need help with something simple like recruitment, or you have to make some difficult decisions regarding discipline or redundancies, SBHR can provide you with just the right amount of support to either guide you through the process, or manage it for you. And we’ll also help you to build a team of loyal, motivated employees, committed to making your business a success; without it costing you a fortune.

If you’d like the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have ticked all of the legal boxes, your staff are happy and your business is protected – get in touch. SBHR can start to help you today.