Employee Relations

Sickness Absence

If you employ staff, you will need to deal with absences through sickness. Certain levels of health related leave are expected and unavoidable. However, sometimes repeated absences through sickness can start to cause you problems.

As with persistent lateness (and many other HR matters), dealing with sickness issues can be straightforward provided certain policies and procedures are in place. Your starting point should always be a clear and unambiguous policy regarding sickness and absenteeism detailed in your Employee Handbook. You will also need accurate absence records in a format that allows patterns to be easily identified.

You can then start the process of discussion and possible disciplinary action if justified and appropriate.

It is worth bearing in mind that many of the staff issues that face employers are viewed from a disciplinary perspective. However, the health and wellbeing of your staff, and your attitude towards this, can really help improve your employees feeling of value and appreciation. Unfortunately, some of your staff members may experience ongoing or serious health issues and looking at ways of helping them through this, for example by considering the nature of the job, its location or the work involved, can go a long way to increasing employee engagement ; essential for a company to be productive and successful.

For practical, no-nonsense advice regarding dealing with sickness issues, give us a call.