Ending Employment


If you run a business, unfortunately making staff redundant may become necessary to secure the future of your company, and the staff that remain.

Although it may not feel like it at the time, restructuring your business is often the key to its future success and can have an extremely positive outcome if managed correctly…

SBHR can help you to support those affected, meet your legal obligations, minimise disruption and maintain morale. Meeting your legal obligations is usually at the forefront of most employers’ minds when managing redundancy. And rightly so. SBHR can ensure that you “tick the right boxes” and protect your business during this process.

Serious consideration should also be given to the future structure of the business and how the redundancy process will affect the attitude and morale of remaining staff. Effective communication and employee engagement is required to explain why redundancies have become necessary and how the process will strengthen the business as a whole and secure their future.

If you think that redundancies may be necessary in your business, speak to us. Our specialists will ensure that the process is managed correctly and professionally, is as pain-free as possible and produces a positive outcome for your business.