Conducting interviews is a skill in itself. And getting the right people in the right jobs is essential to build a successful business.

As your business grows, you will need to take on more staff. But employing the wrong person can be a costly mistake. In order to make sure you get the right people in the right positions, a rigorous selection process is required. The starting point for this is formulating a comprehensive and accurate job description to attract the most suitable candidates. These can then be short-listed for conducting interviews based on ability and experience.

At this point it is important to remember that discrimination laws apply to employers and your decisions regarding employment should be based solely on a person’s ability to perform the role; and not on the basis of race, sex, religious beliefs, disability or other factors.

Types of interview

Depending on the role, there are a number of different interview formats that you can choose. You may favour an informal one-on-one chat, or a more structured formal interview. If the role requires a number of skills, or collaboration between departments, it may be appropriate to conduct a panel interview including relevant members of your management team. Alternatively, if you need to select someone based on cognitive, reasoning or behavioural patterns, a practical assessment or psychometric testing may be your best option.

Don’t compromise

Recruitment usual occurs to plug an important gap in your workforce. Time is of the essence and it is tempting to fill the role with the most suitable candidate, even if they fall short of your expectations or requirements. Unless you are absolutely desperate DON’T EMPLOY SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT 100% HAPPY WITH. Take your time, re-advertise, cast your net wider but make sure you have the right candidate for the role. Employing the wrong person can prove to be an extremely costly mistake.

And finally…

Remember, no matter how many people you interview, you will usually only offer one of them the role. Conduct your interviews properly and professionally and always let unsuccessful candidates know of your decision.

For practical advice on recruitment, selection and interviewing, speak to us. We can help you attract and recruit real assets to your business.