Staff Development


In order for your staff to perform to the best of their abilities, and to the level you expect, it is essential for their performance to be regularly appraised.

The frequency of staff appraisals largely depends on the nature and scope of the role. However, for most positions, six monthly reviews are preferable.

By appraising your staffs’ performance twice a year you are able to identify issues before they become ingrained or damage your business. This period also gives sufficient time and opportunity for agreed actions at previous appraisals to be applied and reviewed.

For staff appraisals to be effective, it is essential that you are clear on what the employee is being appraised on, and what expectation levels you have. An appraisal is an opportunity to praise your employees positive performance, but also identify areas for improvement. However care should be taken that an appraisal does not become too critical. Where areas of under-performance are identified, a Training Needs Analysis and support plan should be put in place to help the employee reach the required standards.

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